Invited speakers


Jean-Philippe (J-P) Mocho
Director at DanioVet UK & FELASA Honorary Secretary

Lynne Sneddon
Senior Lecturer University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Livia D’Angelo
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Greg Paull
Scientist at University of Exeter, UK

Chloe Stevens
Senior Scientific Officer at Animals in Science Department, RSPCA, UK

Christian Lawrence (remote)
Smart Lab Boston -USA

Mollie Millington
BRF Unit Manager & Senior Research Scientist at the Francis Crick Institute London, UK

Joana Monteiro
Manager of Fish Platform at Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

Claire Allen
Biological Services Aquarium (BSA) Manager Faculty of Science, University of Sheffield, UK

Ana Cristina Borges
Aquatic Facility Manager at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal & Vice-President of the ZHA

Anita Rácz
Zebrafish Facility Manager at Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) Szent Istvan Campus, Gödöllő; Zebrafish Facility Manager at Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary